Need a tank that’s going to provide premium storage service at an economical price, and need it now? A HydroTec tank system can be manufactured, erected, and in operation up to three times faster than field welded or concrete applications. HydroTec tank systems are engineered and fabricated to satisfy your unique specifications.

Every HydroTec tank is manufactured in a factory-controlled environment. The result is precise steel panel production teamed with an optimized coating process. Our factory has invested millions in a completely modernized and automated fabrication line in its ISO 9001 certified facility. This state-of-the-art operation delivers the best epoxy coated steel tanks available in the market.

With decades of storage solution success, we have perfected our tanks to be the most economical choice in water and industrial liquid storage without skimping on tank value and durability.

Low installed up-front costs:

  • The fastest construction available
  • Can be constructed in all weather types without the typical delays common with other technologies

Quicker return on investment:

  • High-quality and durable coatings extend tank life and limit operating maintenance costs
  • The strongest corrosion and abrasion resistance on the epoxy coated market

HydroTec tank systems are the choice in liquid storage:

  • No in-field painting eliminates harmful paint overspray
  • Minimized construction footprint protects surrounding environment
  • Factory controlled coating ensures a perfect coating every time. Conversely, welded steel and concrete tanks are field coated and subject to numerous variables that can affect overall quality such as weather, site conditions and local workmanship.

Parts are degreased and rinsed. Then the sheets are dried and preheated by a precisely controlled hot air system to reach the optimum temperature for a precision coating process.

Parts surfaces are blasted with engineered grit material. Rugged 3-D surface topography is created for better powder coating acceptance, increasing durability and long-term coating performance. Then a high velocity air curtain removes residual particulate.

Parts are powder coated in our proprietary Trico Bond EP electrostatic booth with precise environmental control. Parts are then cured at controlled temperature to maximize the cross-link bonding of the epoxy particles. A uniquely engineered polyurethane topcoat is applied for UV protection on exterior surfaces for extra durability and longevity. Once more, the sheets are cured at a controlled temperature, yielding the final product.

Quality Control: Parts are subjected to a rigorous quality control evaluation with a high voltage defect testing procedure. This will identify any holidays, inclusions and thin areas in the coating. No other company has a higher process and quality control standard than us.