California Aquastore is the factory authorized distributor and installer of Aquastore storage tanks and other CST Industries products throughout California and Northern Nevada.

We were selected by this American manufacturer to represent their products based on our history of on budget and on time performance. With our superior quality control and resources, we can commit to the successful completion of our projects.

California Aquastore’s team has worked within the Bolted Tank industry for over 20 years. As the Region has seen many changes to Distributors, Products, and Technology, California Aquastore personnel have been there. The California Aquastore team has installed, and managed over 180 Aquastore tanks throughout the region.

California Aquastore’s Experience is Unsurpassed for any other Flat Panel Provider in the region.  Experience and Expertise of our team eliminates the concern of your tank being installed properly.  When choosing a tank provider, ask: How Many Tanks of this type has your team installed?  If a provider is doing only a couple a year, they are doing so at their customer’s expense.

California Aquastore is fully-vested in offering Aquastore and CST Storage products and services complete with turnkey installation and support for the life of the tank application. We are the only supplier of both glass-fused-to-steel and epoxy coated tanks – along with domes and covers – in this market.


Offer Design, Service, and Solutions to our Customers with the Experience and Professionalism required to Provide the Longest Lasting and Highest Quality Storage Tank Available.