When it comes to water storage systems, you need look no further than California Aquastore. With over 33 years of experience in 32 countries, our municipal and industrial storage tanks can be found across California and the West Coast.

California Aquastore utilizes the Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel tank which is bolted together and sealed with a moisture cured urethane compound. Glass-fused-to-steel has become the premium water and liquid storage technology leader due to its dependable performance and minimal maintenance costs. The factory applied silica glass coating is fused into high strength steel at 1600°F creating a hard, inert barrier for both the interior and exterior surface of the tank, protecting the steel core against corrosion.

A tank is not a tank until it is installed and tested. California Aquastore, an authorized dealer for the Aquastore tank, will ship and install the tank complete with concrete or steel foundation. Our factory trained and certified building crews will ensure the high-quality control measures taken in the factory are carried forward during installation and start up.

California Aquastore owners choose our technology and service over the competition for several reasons:

  • Tank will NEVER have to be recoated.
  • Lowest maintenance requirements over tank life time.
  • Cost effective designs to any local or international design codes.
  • Corrosion resistant tank and dome that never needs sandblasting or repainting = Greater Lifetime Value than concrete or welded steel tanks.
  • Guaranteed Quality with factory applied coatings in a controlled environment.
  • Faster and Safer construction schedule utilizing specialized jacking system without the need for scaffolding and crane.
  • Turnkey Installation Services by authorized dealer.

Leachate is liquid that seeps through solid waste in a landfill and extracts soluble, dissolved and suspended materials in the process. Its composition and toxicity varies from landfill to landfill, and one can never be too careful when storing such a corrosive liquid. If not properly managed, leachate can seep through the water table and into the groundwater – water that is used in the majority of rural homes throughout North America. Aquastore® leachate tanks are the proven leader in landfill leachate storage.